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Issue: The proliferation of multilateral trade deals written by and for multinational corporations is a dangerous trend that reinforces global power hierarchies, worsens inequality, and benefits political and economic elites. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, a flashpoint in the 2016 election, is a poorly constructed trade agreement designed to drive down workers’ wages and drive up corporate profits. In fact, to call the TPP a free trade agreement at all would be inaccurate, because it was merely an agreement to shift more power over trade into the hands of the handful of wealthy elites who stand to profit as a result.


Proposal: The United States needs to leverage our economic influence in trade deals to empower our middle class, not our multinational corporations. We must be uncompromising in demanding fair labor standards, wages, and job opportunities in America as part of every trade negotiation. It’s time to end the backroom deals made between billionaires and bring these decisions to the people. Congress needs to make it clear that they will not accept any fast-tracked trade deals that cost American jobs, and will use their Constitutionally afforded power to stand up for their constituents when they’re getting the short end of the stick.


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